Segway human transporter essay

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Segway Human Transporter

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Road Warriors. By Joan E. Lisante. November ; who hops on a Segway “human transporter” and rolls courtward. The battery-powered, two-wheeled scooter travels between six and 13 miles.

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The Segway Human Transporter Essay Sample. The Segway Human Transporter is an innovative devise by Dean Kamen that provides flexibility and potential increase in transit movements for short distances. One popular theory is the introduction of a brand new Hero, while another points to a ground-breaking technology such as the Segway Human Transporter: Deluxe Hurricane Evac Edition.

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Seven new Graphics Spotlight boxes on topics such as Solid Modeling, Virtual Reality, Factory Modeling, Electric Car Design, and the innovative Segway Human Transporter.

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Segway human transporter essay
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