Illustration essay peer review

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How To Write An Illustration Essay

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Peer Review

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Exemplification / Illustration Essay

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Peer Review

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Exemplification / Illustration Essay

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Official Web site of the University Writing Program, Brandeis Univ., Waltham, Mass. A Breakdown of UWS Essay Types. Designing Complex Arguments. Sample Rubrics. Sample Peer Review Sheets. Click on a Peer Review sheet to download.

All sheets are Word documents. General. Peer Review: Exemplification Write your answers on this sheet. Also, mark the essay where appropriate. Writer’s name: _____ Editor’s name: _.

Illustration EssayPeer Review Questions (Please write the answers, when appropriate on a separate sheet of paper)Read your paper to your partner. Stop anytime. Application Essay Home; Frequently asked questions; Before you begin: useful tips for writing your essay; Guided brainstorming exercises Conducting Peer Reviews.

For further information see our handout on How to Proofread.

iRubric: Illustrative Essay # 4 rubric

Before you read and while you read the paper. Find out what the writer is intending to do in the paper (purpose) and. Peer Review: Exemplification Write your answers on this sheet.

Also, mark the essay where appropriate. Writer’s name: _____ Editor’s name: _ 1. Does the essay have an attention-getter in the introduction? Is it effective?

2. Does the essay have a thesis? What is it?.

Illustration essay peer review
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