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Child Abuse Laws

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Research paper on child abuse laws

Child Abuse is defined as “endangerment to a child inflicted by another person, usually the caregiver” Leiter 1 and includes physical, sexual, emotional abuse, and neglect.

Child abuse can be brought on by any one at any time. The purpose of this paper is to overview the four previously stated types of abuse, their effects on children, the legal aspects of child abuse, and dealing with abuse. Child abuse essay: Symptoms. Social agencies specialized in fighting child abuse in the US have listed six important symptoms which teachers must notice in order to report for child abuse.

The first sign is to look for bruises. The second is to see whether the child complains from beating or maltreatment.

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Sep 21,  · Child abuse by:Melissa Lecouffe Table of contents 1-Definition on child abuse 2-Types of child abuse 3-Effects of child abuse 4-Dangers of child abuse 5-How to stop child abuse Definition of child abuse Child abuse is any form of physical, psycological, social, emotional or sexual maltreatment* of a.

Child Abuse Essay. Child abuse is defined as a variety of harmful behaviors directed against children. It can take many forms. Child abuse in general is a psychological problem or perversion of the abuser.

The abuser is referred to as the perpetrator of abuse. The Child Abuse and Prevention Act was the first federal law to address child abuse, while the Child Abuse Prevention Law was the first of its kind in Japan.

Research was obtained from journal articles, periodicals, and websites.

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Research paper on child abuse laws