Essay on traveling alone

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Travel with a companion vs. travel alone – Essay

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Traveling alone challenges your fears and insecurities This is a big one, especially if it’s your first solo experience.

I remember the first time I traveled when I was 18 and moved to London on my own for 3 months to be an au pair and live with a local family. After traveling solo twice in my life, first for a couple of months in Europe years ago and now traveling solo around the world for almost a year, I’d like to throw my two cents in on some advantages and disadvantages of traveling alone, how to make it successful and some things to.

Travelling is a very pleasant thing.

Reaction Paper Writing: Travel Essay Topics

Some people like to travel with several friends. Other people, however, would prefer to travel alone. As far as I am concerned, traveling with my friends is better. Related Articles: Short Essay on Travelling for Students.

Hook: Traveling to many places is taking interest by people all over the world. People from all walks of life, both young and old, enjoy traveling. Traveling provides. Why to travel alone Essay. Yara exchanged the comforts of home 16 years ago for a life on the road - Why to travel alone Essay introduction.

She has been traveling the world mixing a. Traveling alone can be scary at first. When people think of travel, their minds are often filled with images of full moon parties in the Asian tropics, backpacking through the Medieval streets of Europe or going on an adventure trek through African and South American jungles.

Essay on traveling alone
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